Free Samples Canada: 20,000 Reactine Samples through Livingwell on Feb 21/12

extreme couponing canada

Sample is now live! Just over 15,000 samples currently left. Get yours now!!

Livingwell is offering a free sample of Extra Strength Reactine on Tuesday February 21. There will be 20,000 samples available this time around. No set time for the giveaway as usual, so keep checking back. But note that all the recent giveaways have been starting at about 7:00 to 8:00 Am EST.

You’ll need a Livingwell account to order this freebie, so if you don’t already have one click here to sign up  click here to sign up now.

Click here to get your free sample of Reactine *On Feb 21/12*


  1. i would like to try this product

  2. I would like to try this product.

  3. re: REactin sample
    Accessed site about 1:30pm Toronto time, and graphic showed around 18,700 approx remaining; however, GetYours button resulted in a message that site was down. Too many trying? I dunno … what’s everyone else seeing? I NEED my sample … or am I just over-reactin? Sorry, I couldn’t resist

    • Tanya

      Jim I am seeing the same right now with 16,145 left. It’s about 3:00 pm EST. I think the site is being overloaded. Now it’s not loading at all for me anymore. Hopefully Livingwell will be up and running soon!

      • Thanks, Tanya … well its 3:35pm EST … I just tried again, after clicking the Trials button, went on to other stuff (email,etc), and kept an eye on that tab in my browser. After about 5 minutes I noticed it had finally loaded, so I completed the required info on their form and submitted it; after several more minutes, I got the ‘Thank You’ message, so I guess I got my sample coming. :) btw, there were about 14,500 remaining once I got in. Good luck all.

        • Tanya

          Thanks for the update Jim :) Glad you got your sample finally! I love the reactine ones, they come with 3 tablets so it’s pretty good sample value

  4. I have tried several times and the system is not working

    • Tanya

      Hi Mary,

      I tried several times before getting it to work as well. I recommend google chrome as it was being extra laggy with firefox. There are still over 10,000 samples available so keep trying!

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