FREE Samples Canada: 3 FREE Atkins Bars & Weight Loss Kit

free samples canada

Repost! Just received this freebie in the mail, and it’s still available to sign up for! Mine came with a Coconut Bar, a Chocolate Hazelnut Bar, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar and a Great carb counter booklet! Atkins has also updated the freebie on their website to include $7 of coupons!

Atkins is offering a great freebie on their website. Get a free weight loss kit that includes 3 Atkins bars!

You simply need to register with the Atkin’s community and fill out your mailing information and your sample will be on it’s way! Leave the input that says offer code blank.

From the Atkin’s webpage:

  • No obligation to buy ANYTHING.
  • Your personal information is SAFE.
  • EXPERIENCE the power of Atkins, FREE.
  • You’ll be done in 3 STEPS.

Click here to order your free sample


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  2. I would love to try this!

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