Free Samples Canada: New Edition of The P&G BrandSampler Is Now Live!

free samples canada

Yet another P&G BrandSampler is now live! Sign up quickly while samples are still available!

The samples I received were:

Crest 3D White Strips (single use)
Always Radiant Pads & Tampax Radiant Tampons (2 tampons, 1 regular pad & 4 panty liners)
Tide Pods (1 count)
Scope Dualblast Mouthwash (44ml sample)

Click here to order your samples


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  2. I have signed in for brandsaver and brandsaver samples but it doesn’t confirm that samples will be sent. Just keeps showing the pictures of the samples. What is wrong

  3. I got the same problem giving me this error:

    “Please select at least 0Please verify the mailing information is correct before confirming your order.s”

    That’s exactly how it shows with an OK button below.

  4. I’m also getting a similar problem. When I try to “Confirm Order”, I get a black screen with “OK” in the middle. Then when I click on “OK”, it brings me back to the “Confirm Order” screen!!??

    • Tanya

      Sounds like a system error. Try it again and if the problem persists, there’s a contact us area on the bottom of the Brandsampler page. One of their support members will be able to help you out with any issue you’re having

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