Free trial of Reactine from Livingwell

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There’s currently a free trial of Reactine Allergy on, 7723 left when I did my offer about 5 minutes before this post. The last time Livingwell had this offer, it was a box of 3 10 mg extra strength reactine tablets. The format of their freebie giveaways has recently changed and you now have to create an account to register for the free offer. Livingwell gives away a different freebie about once a month, so if you’re not registered already you might as well as there will likely be another freebie you’ll be interested in in the future.

There have been some issues with the captcha security code in safari and firefox. I initially tried in firefox and it would not work, so I switched over to internet explorer which worked perfectly.

Click here to sign in or register to receive your free reactine.

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