Extreme Couponing Canada: Friday June 10 Walmart Deals

extreme couponing canada

Just a mini extreme couponing trip at Walmart today. Wanted to pick up some more bananas and salad and ended up finding some more deals! If you’ve just found this site, Walmart Canada has a coupon policy that allows any overage from coupons to be applied to the rest of your basket purchases. I was finally able to pick up some of the smaller sized nexxus shampoos today, they’ve been sold out for weeks!

The breakdown:

Bananas = $1.14 – $1 coupon = $0.14
Bagged salad = $1.50 – $1.50 coupon = FREE
3 x nexxus shampoo= $2.00 – (3) $3.00 coupons = FREE +$3.00
nexxus conditioner= $3 – $3 coupon = FREE
Head of lettuce = $0.97
6 pack of croissants = $1.88

Subtotal: $14.49
Taxes: $1.08
Coupons used: 14.50
Total paid: $1.07! It’s always nice when you can pay for a shopping trip with pocket change.


  1. good job!! I’ve been watching 4 Nexus cpn but don’t c them anywhere…

    • Tanya

      Thanks Julie, I believe these coupons were first in stores 2 months ago, so unfortunately most places probably won’t have them anymore :(

  2. What size are the shampoos and conditioners?

    • Tanya

      Teona, they are quite generous for a travel size at 89ml!

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