Extreme Couponing Canada Glad Deals at Walmart today

extreme couponing canada

Sorry about the flash, the shiny boxes caught the light a little too well.

Found some great deals on Glad products to make use of the coupons I got from the Shreddies boxes of cereal. The gladware variety packs were an unadvertised deal, and didn’t even show the correct price on the tag! They were tagged at $7.37 but rang in at only $3!!! The single packs of 5 were $4.97 alone, and each of these boxes has 12 containers in them. Check your local Walmart for this deal. Note that if you have the Shreddies coupons, they are one per household, so you’ll have to do multiple transactions.

4 x Gladware 12 packs $3 – (4) $1 coupons from back of Shreddies boxes = $2 each
3 x Glad cling wrap 90m $2.48 (rollback) – (3) $1 coupons from back of Shreddies boxes = $1.48 each
3 x Oasis Pineapple juice $1 – (3) $0.50 coupons from gocoupons.ca = $0.50 each

Approximate retail value: $53 taxes in
Subtotal: $22.44
Taxes + bottle deposits: $2.34 + $0.21
Coupons used: $8.50
Total paid: $16.49

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