Extreme Couponing Canada Great Clearance Finds at Price Smart Foods!

extreme couponing canada

While out doing some errands, I stopped by Save on Foods to pick up a few new coupons for my Extreme Couponing Canada contest giveaway and noticed that the Save On Foods is in the process of converting to a Price Smart Foods.

I took a walk around the store and jackpot, found a couple of clearance aisles since the store is discontinuing certain items that they won’t be carrying anymore. I was so excited to see Special K boxes with the $5 skinny cow ice cream coupons on them since I haven’t picked any of these up yet and my coupons were close to expiry.

I got:

4 x special k cereal $2.64 – (4) $1 coupons from websaver.ca = $1.64 each
Old el paso nacho cheese sauce $0.85 – $1 coupon rung in at $0.85 = FREE

Subtotal: $11.41
Coupons: $4.85
Total paid $6.56

And I now have (4) $5 coupons to use on any skinny cow products! I’ve seen these go on sale for $5 before and I love skinny cow ice cream so I was very happy about this find. Make sure to always check the clearance section when you’re out shopping because you can score some really great deals!


  1. Hi Tanya!

    Love your site and all your tips. Which Save On location is changing to a Price Smart?

    • Tanya

      Thanks Jo! It’s the Save On in Richmond BC, just off #3 Road.

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