Happy New Year!

happy new year 2012

Happy New Year! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012.

Do you usually set a few new years resolutions? I used to but like everyone else find them very hard to keep after the first month or so. Today I will be sorting out all my December expiry coupons though and can use that to lead me into one of my 2012 goals, to be more organized!


  1. So I’ve really just started this whole couponing thing. In august I discovered that my 9 year old needs surgery. In september I had a baby. In December my husband got laid off. I didn’t believe it was possible so I started out small. I found a few coupons at the drug store for advil and motrin I took them to walmart and bought 2 10ct boxes of advil cold and sinus and 2 16ct boxes of motrin liquid gels. I had 2 4$ off coupons for the advil and 2 3$ off coupons for the motrin. I checked out and it only cost me 5.87 incl taxes so I thought this might be a plausible way to cut expenses. Mid december I went back to work. Now my husband gets parental leave and I make as many hours as I can at min wage. Not a lot of money to go around so now we are getting serious about the coupons. However it is very time consuming. And with a now teething baby and a daughter about to be incapacitated and home from school for 6+ weeks and a husband who is shopping challenged I am desprately searching for an easier faster way to Plan my shopping trips, and cannot seem to find a canadian specific way to do that without stretching my self too thin time wise. Again I know that this is going to be time consuming and I am willing to put in the time. But I just need a little kick start to the organizing and planning. At this point anything that will save even precious minutes would be helpful. If you have any thoughts or ideas tips or tricks they would be so extremely appreciated. Oh and just as a little extra tidbit I have saved a total of 84$ on 220$ worth of stuff since my first coupon trip on the 10th of December 2011. i’d like to do better but time is of the utmost importance. Thank you so much for your time. And your website. You have already been so helpful. Lot’s of love and luck to you in the new year!

    • Tanya

      Hi Monica,

      There’s definitely a steep learning curve when you get started, but after the first few months as your coupon collection continues to grow and you become more accustomed to sale prices and what you consider to be stock up prices, everything becomes much easier. It’s important to know how much of an item you use so you know how much you need to stock up before the next sales cycle.

      Since you have a newborn, work and general house chores that will take up much of your time I understand you won’t be able to get out the store too often to find tearpad coupons, but now adays the best coupons are honestly found online through way of mailout sites like websaver, brandsaver and save.ca or printable sites like smartsource.ca or even limited time coupons through Facebook.

      If you haven’t already, subscribe to our email newsletter. We send updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the posts on our website and you can just sift through them while you’re on the go (if you have wifi or data). Or you can just check the website on a daily basis (like at night when you get time to yourself) and scroll through the updates to check if there are any that interest you. I always try to stay on top of all new coupons and deals as well as grocery coupon matchups to make couponing easier for everyone.

      Finding the best deals definitely takes some dedication in way of staying on top of sales flyers and coupon distribution. If you get coupon inserts with your newspaper, great! If you don’t the least time consuming way to find some would be through ebay or coupon trading.

      You’re definitely off to a great start with your savings already! When I first began couponing my savings were nowhere close to what they are now but with a growing coupon collection the possibilities are endless! Another note is that since it is the beginning of the year and many coupons expired with a Dec 31 date, there is an onslaught of new coupons coming out in the next few months. Keep an eye out!

      Hope this helped Monica, let me know if you have anymore questions!

      Happy new year to you!

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