Interesting Idea: Working from home, free info booklet available

work from home

I’m sure everyone’s thought of it before, working from home, choosing your own hours and being your own boss. Ideally most people would like to be self sufficient. In today’s day and age with new concepts and technologies being developed left and right the idea is becoming more possible.

I love the idea of working from home but the security of a job is hard to shy away from especially if it includes benefits and a pension plan.

About a week ago one of our regular readers, Wilson, emailed me asking me what I thought about working from home on a full time basis. He used to work a full time IT job but cut his hours to part time about 4 months ago to run an online business out of his home. Wilson seems to be doing pretty well for himself, and says he’s going to concentrate on his business full time by the end of the year. It’s something I’ve thought about as well, but taking the dive into doing it full time is a huge step! I’m not sure I’m quite there yet, but kudos to you for doing it Wilson!

How many of you have thought about working from home before? Here’s a link to a  website  Wilson suggested that helped him get started.


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