January Tearpad Coupons Found Today

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Stopped by a few stores to pick up some tearpad coupons this afternoon and was very pleased to find a tearpad for eggs! It does expire at the beginning of March but we go through a lot of eggs in this household.

There weren’t too many coupons, and I’m aware of some tearpads out that I wasn’t able to find but I’ll use at least half of these so it was a good coupon hunting trip!

If anyone needs any details from any of the coupons, feel free to leave a comment!

Here are the details of what we found today (read from left to right, row by row corresponding to photo):

  • $1 off any purchase of Naturegg Simply Egg Whites or Free Run Simply Egg Whites 500g Liquid Egg Whites, exp Dec 31/12
  • $3 off the purchase of CanesOral Combi-Pak, exp Dec 31/12
  • $1 off any (2) VH Steamers, exp May 31/12
  • $1 off any Gardein Product, exp May 31/12
  • $3 off any Benylin Extra Strength Mucus & Phlegm Product (excl 100 mL), exp  June 30/12
  • $3 off any Motrin Liquid Gels Product, exp Feb 29/12
  • $1 off with the purchase of 2 dozen eggs (valid in BC only), exp March 1/12
  • $0.75 off any Smucker’s product, exp April 30/12
  • $1 off when you buy 4 Campbell’s Soups, exp Mar 31/12
  • Aspirin 81 mg $0.10/litre Mail in Rebate Form, valid for purchase & mail-in until April 30/12


  1. which stores did you score these in?

    • Tanya

      Hi Sue,

      The Buckley’s and Motrin were found at Shoppers Drug Mart while all the rest came from Safeway!

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  2. Also found these tearpad coups tonite, in Langley:
    Safeway on 200th/bypass:
    $1 off Granny’s Ginseng Fed Chicken
    $1 off Post Great Grains cereals
    (Smuckers as above, no Campbells)

    Shoppers on 64th/200th:
    $2 off any Dove Visible Care Body Wash
    $3 off Tylenol Arthritis
    $3 off Tylenol Cold & Sinus
    Free Juice (claim online) WUB 1.89L Oasis juice (on bottle)
    $5 in coupons by mail through St.Ives/Look Good Feel Better campaign (on Lotion)
    (Benylin, CanesOral, Aspirin as above)

  3. Sorry to say they were out of Naturegg and Campbell coupons at Save On Metrotown. But I did find:

    $1 off Post Great Grains cereal exp May 31, 2012
    $.50 off International Delight exp Feb 28, 2012 (only good at Save On, Price Smart, Overwaitea, Coopers, Urban Fare)

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