Extreme Couponing Canada July 15th Safeway and No Frills shopping trip

extreme couponing canada

Started the day off at Safeway to pick up some Johnsonville sausage, but they ended up being sold out so I got a raincheck instead! I did pick up a couple of items with FPC’s though. I’ve been looking everywhere for the Nestea canisters with the $10 in Delissio coupons on them!

Safeway Breakdown:

Nestea powder $6.99 – FPC from rubbermaid pitcher = FREE + $10 of delissio coupons!
Schneider’s country naturals turkey breast $5.99 – FPC from facebook promo = FREE

Subtotal: $12.98
Coupons used: $12.98
Total paid: $0

100% savings

Headed off to No Frills for the great sale on Jane’s chicken strips. I’m really impressed with my local No Frills because they always have tons of stock for all their advertised sale items, even today on the very last day of the current flyer! The Jane’s chicken strips are the cheapest I’ve ever seen them, we’re used to buying them for $8 a box on sale even without coupons! The toilet paper is also at a rock bottom price, so to make the deal even sweeter I used my Royale coupons I received from emailing the company.

No Frill’s breakdown:

3 x Janes chicken strips $4.97 – (3) $1.50 = $3.47
Shreddies $4.88 – FPC from facebook promo = FREE + $12 of misc glad coupons!
Pecan tarts $3.97 – 50% reduced sticker = $1.98 (1 didn’t make it through the car ride home :p )
2 x Royale bathroom tissue 30 double rolls $8.88 – (2) $5 coupons from the company = $3.88

Total before sales: Approximately $80
Total with sale prices: $39.53
Taxes: $2.14
Coupons used: $19.38
Total paid: $22.29

72% savings based on regular prices, 44% coupon savings based on sale prices

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