Kraft Samplicious Package Finally Arrived!

extreme couponing canada

Some of you might remember these Kraft packages from the Samplicious offer I posted over a month ago! It was $9.95 for $45 worth of products so I figured, why not. After hearing so many others had already received their boxes and having waited over a month I began to think my box wouldn’t arrive!

But turns out, it was just late as many other offers are to BC, so if you ordered one and are still waiting, it’s coming.

extreme couponing canada

Very nicely packaged as to not waste any space!

extreme couponing canada

Here’s what it came with.

  • 2 boxes of Chips Ahoy! Middles Cookies
  • 1 aMOOza Twists cheese (coupon)
  • 2 boxes of Triscuit Thin Crisps
  • 1 Philadelphia Dill Cream Cheese (coupon)
  • 1 box of Kraft Dinner Smart mac ‘n cheese
  • 1 Pure Kraft Salad Dressings (coupon)
  • 1 box of Wheat Thins Stix
  • 1 copy of what’s cooking magazine
  • 6 Packs of Trident Gum

I’m rather pleased with everything! Definitely a bargain at ~ $11 after taxes. Can’t wait to try the items. If another offer like this pops up, I’d order again.


  1. mmmm

  2. I got mine last week (I’m in Richmond, BC)
    Too bad the coupons inside the magazine were expired, but I’m excited to use the FPCs that came with it!

  3. I am in Ontario and received mine like 3 days after I purchased it.

    Great deal, but good luck getting the cheese strings and salad dressing. We haven’t found a single store that has the cheese strings anymore and when we went to get the salad dressing, the store had two left and said it is discontinued.


  4. I live in Ontario and received mine like 3 days after I purchased it.

    Good luck with the cheese strings and salad dressing. We haven’t found the cheese strings anywhere. As for the salad dressing, when we went to get it, they had two left and said it was discontinued.


  5. Does anyone know where I might able to find the Kraft refridgerated dressings in Ontario? Tried Metro and Wal-mart but they don’t carry them. Coupon expires 12/31 so it’s a write-off if I don’t find it soon. Thanks.

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