Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping – 81% coupon savings, 88% off regular price

extreme couponing canada

Browsed through Safeway yesterday for new tear pad coupons while out doing errands and noticed some great sales that I didn’t see prices for in the flyer so I organized my coupons when I get home and planned a shopping trip for today! It’s the last day of the flyer but I was able to grab everything I wanted! I also had a Johnsonville sausage raincheck from about 2 months ago and with the airmiles and sale price this weekend, made for the perfect time to use it!

So today’s breakdown:

12 x Johnsonville sausage $3.99 – Raincheck for BOGO free – (6) Buy 2 save $1 coupons from tearpad=$17.94 + 25 airmiles WUB 3 = 100 airmiles
2 x Windex $2.99 – $1 coupon from websaver.ca and BOGO from previous coupon insert= $1.99 for both + 15 airmiles WUB 2
2 x 3M electrical tape $1.02 = $2.04 + 10 airmiles WUB 2
2 x Activia Desert $3.50 Р50% off sticker Р(2) $1 coupons from tearpad  = $0.75 each
4 x Swiffer refills $3.89 – (4) $1.50 coupons from p&g brandsaver = $2.39
2 x Swiffer Dust n shine $3.41 – (2) $1.50 coupon from p&g brandsaver = $1.91 + 45 airmiles WUB 6 cleaning items
1 x Mentos $0.99

Subtotal: $86.27
Taxes: $3.41
Raincheck + 50% off stickers: $27.44
Coupons used: $20.99 + $5 entertainment book coupon WUS $50+
Total paid: $36.25 + 171 airmiles earned which is worth about $20 in Shell gas certificates!

Extreme Couponing Canada Savings

81% coupon + raincheck + airmiles savings based on sale prices
88% savings based on regular prices.


  1. So… the BOGO Free + $1 coupon deal you got for the Windex…… it’s NOT considered stacking? :S


    • Tanya

      It depends on the cashier Em, I personally don’t consider it stacking since the $1 is used on the first bottle of windex and the BOGO is used on the second bottle so it’s still one coupon per item but many cashiers see it as you needing to buy 3.

      How many scratch cards did you get? :) I can’t wait for $0.39 toilet paper tomorrow!

  2. 4! But it’s one per person per purchase per day. I could only round up my sister and mum, but that still makes 1 leftover card! :/

    I’m waiting for my sister to get home right now… Hopefully there’s still some Snuggle 20 packs left!! Haha

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