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London Drugs was the first store in Canada to allow coupon stacking and is currently the only store that has it written into their corporate policy, meaning that you can stack at all London Drugs locations across the board. Coupon stacking in short is using multiple coupons on the same item. This is allowed if the coupons are for the same specified item but have different upc codes.

For example, for a $4 bottle of shampoo: If you have a $1 coupon from a newspaper insert, a $2 coupon from a manufacturer’s tear pad and a $1 printable coupon off the internet and they all have different UPC codes, then you may use all of these coupons to purchase 1 bottle of shampoo, making it free.

It has recently been brought to my attention that coupon stacking is being abused in several of the locations by a few people cleaning out stock of certain items. It is extremely important to be courteous to other shoppers and not abuse coupon stacking. It is a privilege and as stated in the newly released stacking guideline on London Drugs’ blog, can be revoked at any time. Please use it wisely!

London Drugs Coupon Policy:

The following coupons may be accepted at London Drugs:
- Manufacturer’s standard coupons
- Manufacturer’s coupons exclusive to London Drugs
- London Drugs issued coupons

Number of coupons accepted:
- More than one coupon may be accepted for a product, if each coupon comes from a different media source and has different UPC codes. The different media sources may include coupons from a newspaper, magazine, internet (maximum of $3 & only one accepted per visit), bottle caps or in-store manufacturer’s exclusive coupons.
- Upon redemption of a manufacturer’s coupon, applicable taxes apply to the full selling price of the item. Upon redemption of retail issued coupon, applicable taxes apply to the net amount of the item.
- If the coupon states taxes included, the manufacturer is meaning, taxes are included in the value of the coupon. Therefore, the customer is still responsible for paying the taxes on the product.

Coupon Acceptance; the following requirements have to be met:
- Expiry date has not been exceeded
- Redeemable in Canada
- The product named on the coupon has been purchased.
- The size and/or flavor of the item, as stated on the coupon, have been purchased.
- The required number of items has been purchased.
- In regards to buy 1 get 1 free, coupons can be used on the item being purchased but coupons can not be used on the free item.
- If a coupon states it cannot be used or combined with any other coupon offer, then that coupon cannot be used with other coupons.
- Only one coupon per purchase. This means only one of this exact type of coupons can be used. (Multiple coupons can be used as long as they are all different)

Any coupons you print off your computer, are considered internet coupons and only one will be accepted.

Price Matching Policy
It is required that the retailer be within the market area, have a flyer with the pertinent information from the competitor, must be the exact item, (model #, etc.) the retailer must have stock available of the product. A call will be made to verify stock. We are only required to price match one item at that price, anything over that is at the discretion of Management. We do not price match prescriptions, one hour photo finishing and internet pricing.

London Drugs’ coupon stacking guidelines (courtesy of their blog)

It is the responsibility of the retailers to follow the offer and restrictions printed on the coupons in order to have the coupon redeemed. There are a few key restrictions to be aware of:

  • The amount of the coupon. This is the maximum amount that coupon can be redeemed for
  • Expiry date has not been exceeded
  • Is redeemable in Canada (has a Canadian Clearing House mailing address)
  • The product named on the coupon has been purchased
  • The size and/or flavour of the item, as stated on the coupon, have been purchased
  • The required number of items has been purchased
  • If a coupon states it cannot be used or combined with any other coupon offer, then that coupon cannot be used with other coupons.
  • Only one coupon per purchase. This means only one of this exact type of coupons can be used. (Multiple coupons can be used as long as they are all different)
  • Taxes: see question below tax wording

London Drugs staff take pride in providing a superior shopping experience everyday – and it may be necessary to book an appointment for dedicated time to allow for proper processing of each coupon in the transaction. For this reason, it may be smart to contact your chosen store in advance for an appointment. Most coupon stacking education sites expressly recommend working with the store staff to ensure the transaction does not impact lineups.

We have a right as a retailer to limit quantities, especially if we suspect the product is being purchased for resale. We require any customer with the intention of purchasing a large amount of products, work with the store to pre-order product in advance. Should we continually be driven out of stock, it could jeopardize our ability to continue with coupon stacking.

  1. Will London Drugs price match products and then accept stacks of coupons?
    Yes. When purchasing identical products, our price match policy is distinct from the coupon policy.
  2. Does LD allow the total of all the coupons stacked to exceed the value of the product?
    No, the coupons total value cannot exceed the value of the product. For example, if the customer presents 3 coupons that are $2.50each ($7.50) and the product is $6.00, the last coupon would be processed through the till as $1.00 (not to exceed $6.00).
  3. When an item is Buy 1, Get 1 free can coupons be used for the purchased item and additional coupons used on the free item?
    No. The coupons can only be used on the first item as there must be a purchase in order to use coupons. As an offer already exists to get the second item free, no further coupons are required or can be accepted.
  4. Are there times when a customer coupon stacking privilege can be revoked at London Drugs?
    Yes. If we are aware that a customer is buying large quantities of products frequently for re-sale, this should not be allowed. London Drugs is a retailer, not a wholesaler. Coupons are not intended to be used for large scale frequent wholesaling practices. The store manager will revoke coupon staking privileges for anyone buying product frequently for resale.
  5. Internet coupons printed at home are becoming more popular. The coupon sometimes is smudged or illegible, will you still accept them?
    No. We must be able to read and follow the eligibility and restrictions set out by the coupon. If we cannot verify the restrictions, or are uncertain of the coupons validity, then it cannot be accepted.
  6. Will you accept a U.S. coupon or coupons in US funds if it was issued in the US?
    No. We can only accept valid Canadian based coupons. The only exception would be a US coupon that indicates it is valid in Canada. The coupon must still have a Canadian Clearing House mailing address.

Our coupon policy is in place to help extend savings to our customers.
London Drugs has a responsibility to follow the directions clearly stated on coupons. We pride ourselves on offering a superior shopping experience everyday and we hope to keep our coupon stacking policy as long as it’s not abused.


  1. Many other stores allow coupon stacking. Shoppers Drug Mart will at some locations, some Canadian Tire locations (they don’t have an ‘official’ coupon policy, varies store to store), Save On Foods (west), Rexall Pharmacies, IGA, and a few others as well.

    • Tanya

      Currently, London Drugs is the only store that has it written into their corporate policy that they allow coupon stacking. I’m aware that some retailers may allow it, but only at very few specific locations which will still be a hit or miss depending on the cashier so I would rather not mislead readers and state that they can stack coupons when it is only a maybe.

      Stacking at Save on Foods will be written into their policy as well but is very new and in the implementation stage. Only a handful of locations are familiar enough to allow it thus far. This began after this post was published, so thank you. I will edit it to reflect the current facts.

    • JamesOctober 2, 2012 Hi Peter thanks for your rssnopee. Yes you can place in play bets over the phone in Australia (it’s crazy over here you can place bets over the internet on horse racing but not sports betting!!) One day they may change the rules we can only hope!The problem with betting over the phone is the time difference: most games in the EPL are from midnight onwards and I value my beauty sleep too much!!RegardsJames

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