Extreme Couponing Canada: Luminary deal at London Drugs

extreme couponing canada

So this shopping trip was more of a luxury than anything. I don’t think anyone really NEEDS to have a luminary, but they are VERY nice and add great ambiance to any room! I like them because they turn off automatically after 4 hours, great battery saving feature. My mom is a huge fan of smellies, especially when they’re near free (which is the only time I buy ‘em) so I stocked up on these for her. Look, there’s the luminary shade I’m using right now in the back!

12 x various luminary refills $4.99- $52 mixed Buy 2 save $2 and Buy 3 save $4 coupons from brandsaver flyer and brandsaver online= $7.88

Subtotal: $59.88
Tax: $7.19
Coupons used: $52.00
Total paid: $15.07 ($7.51 was on a gift card I got from a previous LD deal where I made money, so really I consider this $7.56 OOP)

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