Mail in 6 Bassili’s Best UPC codes and get a FPC!

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Bassili’s Best has a promotion for a free product coupon when you mail in 6 UPC codes from any of their products! They have a wide range of sizes for their lasagna’s and the smaller sizes often go on sale for $2-$3.

I have not participated in this promotion yet so I don’t know the details of the FPC but I’m just about to send off my first batch so I’ll update when I receive the coupon.

Here are the details from the Bassili’s Best website:

How to receive FREE Product:

Mail in 6 UPC codes from any Bassili’s Best products and receive one FREE product coupon. Please include your phone number with your submission.

Mailing Address:

Inovata Foods Sales Office
1073B Lawson Ave
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 6T3

Click here to view the promotion and visit Bassili’s Best for product info.

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