Mailout Coupons Canada: $1 Off Kelloggs Special K Fruit Crisps

coupons canada

There’s a new coupon on the Kellogg’s webSaver portal!

Save $1 off any Special K Fruit Crisps (I recommend strawberry)

Click here to order your coupon

Thanks to Sarah for posting on our Facebook wall!

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  1. I would very much like to receive any coupons you have and for some reason, when I try to request them over the net it won’t give me any options to proceed. I entered my email address to register and then nothing else happened. I had to phone you people to get my free box of cereal in your recent promotion and the girl I spoke to said that apparently my browser was not providing all the fields required. Please mail these out to me and register me on your mailing list. We live below poverty level and consume a lot of cereal so any coupons you can mail would very much be appreciated. Your agent said you would mail them out. I don’t have a printer.Besides cereal any other coupons would be welcome. My address is–Box 234 Burstall, SK S0N 0H0. Thank you in advance

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