Extreme Couponing Canada: May 5th Zellers Deals

extreme couponing canadaI got my stouffers rewards promotion in the mail yesterday and decided to go for one last round of the stouffers promo! The old promotion used to be collect 12 pins for a $10 gift card to grocery store of your choice and $15 in FPC’s but the new promotion is a $10 gift card for 22 pins, not as extreme as the previous one. I’m going to miss the old promo!

Today’s breakdown:

3 x stouffers bistro, 1 @ $3.79, 2 @ $3.99 – (3) free product coupons = FREE
2 x stouffers entrees $3.99 – (2) free product coupons = FREE
1 x large eggs $2.39

Subtotal: $19.92
SPC card savings: $2.22
Taxes: $0
Coupons used: $19.75

Total paid: $0.17!!

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