Extreme Couponing for Cheap Chicken at Save on Foods! 79% Coupon Savings

extreme couponing canada

This shopping trip was from earlier this week. I had originally planned a second Save on Foods stacking trip to pick up a few more deals to add to this post but came down with a stomach flu Thursday and have been unable to get out of the house for any coupon shopping since then.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share this deal on Prime chicken I got from stacking the coupons from the prime portions packages I bought on my last few trips here and here. I combined them with the $2 websaver.ca coupon that was offered a while back that I was lucky enough to get quite a few of through friends and family.

Here’s the breakdown:

4 x Prime stuffed chicken breasts $8.99 – $5 from prime portions packages + $2 from websaver.ca = $1.99 each
3 x Prime chicken tenderloins – $5 from prime portions packages + $2 from websaver.ca = $1.99 each

Subtotal: $62.93
Coupons used: $49
Total paid: $13.93

Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown:

31% saved by shopping sale prices
79% coupon savings based on sale prices

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