Extreme Couponing Canada’s Favorite Stores for Coupon Shopping!

Each extreme couponer has their favorite store. It might be the one with the best policy, or the friendliest cashiers, or the widest selection of products.  Here are my 5 favorites in order!

extreme couponing canada

Extreme couponing canada choice #1 – London Drugs

London Drugs is where it all began. Here I figured out that couponing really does pay off, and really utilized my extreme couponing canada skills. I purchase the majority of my health, beauty, OTC medications and household cleaning products from London Drugs for free through coupon stacking and price matching. I also find that their customer service representatives are more knowledgeable about coupons and more efficient with putting them through than the CSR’s anywhere else.

extreme couponing canada

Extreme couponing canada choice #2 – Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart has the best rewards program in all of Canada. It has been shown on many news reports and newspaper articles that their optimum program is the most rewarding by far. Every week SDM offers a different promotion that is either gift card or bonus points based. This week it is a surprise gift card valued at $10, $15, $25, or $50 when you spend $75, other weeks it may be a 20x points day or something similar.

On 20x points days you’ll receive 20x the regular base points you would receive which is 10 points earned per dollar spent. So, if you spend the minimum $50 on 20x points day you will receive 10,000 shoppers optimum points which is equivalent to approximately $21 on bonus redemption days, and you can use coupons to bring your total down. You might even be able to get your shopping trip for free using these methods.

Bonus redemption days are one of the other reasons I love the optimum program. Normally you can redeem your points for merchandise at the dollar levels shown on the back of your SDM receipt, but on bonus redemption days you can redeem 50,000 points for $100 worth of merchandise, instead of the regular $85 and 95,000 points for $200 of merchandise instead of the regular $170. You get more for your money if you redeem at higher levels, on regular days as well.

Some SDM stores have a wide selection of food products including frozen and dairy. I purchase all my eggs, milk and certain ready to eat frozen items at shoppers on bonus points days to maximize my points.


Extreme Couponing canada choice #3- RCSS

RCSS has recently become one of my favorite places to shop at. This is mainly because they allow you to use their coupon zone coupons in combination with a manufacturer coupon. They also automatically price match front page items on flyers of other retailers, so if there’s a great price at Safeway, Walmart or Save on Foods you can grab all those items from one place, RCSS! The only drawback is their new cash systems which require an override for each coupon when the total coupons used per transaction exceeds $10.


Extreme couponing canada choice #4- Zellers

Zellers price matches and has refrigerated and frozen products which London Drugs doesn’t. They also take 10% off with an SPC card which is why they’re my number 4. 10% off doesn’t seem like much but it really adds up, especially since the 10% is based on the price BEFORE coupons. So I will get $1 off my $10 item, use a $5 coupon and the item will only be $4. If you have Free product coupons for food items which are not taxable, Zellers is a great place to redeem them at because you will get 10% off the price of the item with SPC which can be applied to the rest of your purchases.


Extreme couponing canada choice #5- Safeway

Safeway has very high regular prices, and sometimes their sale prices aren’t the greatest, but their partnership with airmiles completely makes up for this. Safeway is a great place to build up your airmiles which can be redeemed for flights, gift cards and products. Products can be very cheap, or free by combining airmiles deals with coupons.

Last summer I was able to get 20 boxes of granola bars for free after converting the airmiles I received from the deal to Shell gift certificates. The way I see it, you need to fill your car with gas regardless, so if I spend $40 on 20 boxes of granola bars and can redeem the airmiles I earn for $40 of gas money, those granola bars are all free!

Sometimes you can even make money off certain airmiles deals, usually by combining coupons with a deal! Safeway also issues coupons for $5 off the purchase of $50 or more in the entertainment book, which I take advantage of when I’m doing larger shops to earn airmiles.

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