New coupons in Extreme Couponing Canada Printable section

extreme couponing canada

Just added 3 great coupons to the printable coupons page. You can find these 3 under the Food and Drink section. If you haven’t visited the Extreme Couponing Canada printable coupons page before, make sure to take a look. The number of printable coupons is constantly growing and you’re sure to find something you can use.

The new coupons from McCain are:

$1 off McCain Deep n Delicious cakes, Expiry: August 1st, 2011
$1 off McCain Superfries homestyle redskin, Expiry: August 1st, 2011

And there’s also a Del Monte Fruit snacks coupon

$1 off Del Monte Fruit snacks, Expiry: December 31, 2011

Click here to see our post and print these great coupons

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