New Facebook Coupon: Healthy Choice Steamer Tiered Coupon Offer, Up to BOGO!

healthy choice coupon

Healthy Choice Canada is offering a coupon for their Healthy Choice steamers when you like their Facebook page and the more people who sign up for the coupon the more valuable it gets.

It’s currently at buy one, save $0.50 but can go as high as a buy one get one free coupon like pictured above.

The offer is open until Feburary 7th. You only need to enter your name and email and after the offer closes on the 7th Healthy Choice will send an email with instructions on how to redeem your coupon.

Click here to like Healthy Choice and sign up for the coupon offer.


Also, click here to join the Extreme Couponing Canada Facebook page for great discussion, offers and exclusive Facebook giveaways!

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