New Mail In Rebate: $10 PC Gift Card with $40+ Spent on P&G Products

P&G mail in rebate

There’s a new mail in rebate that’s featured in Superstore flyer this week.

Receive a $10 president’s choice gift card by mail when you purchase $40 or more (before taxes) on participating P&G brands.Offer valid from January 13 to January 31, 2012.

The brands include Tide, Downy, Bounce, Cascade, Dawn, Mr. Clean, Febreze, Charmin, Bounty, Puffs and Iams.

Full details ,including mail-in request forms, available at the in-store coupon board. Limit one request per name, household or address.


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  2. At first glance this looks like a decent promo; however, with prices on all the qualifying items only modestly discounted, does it really make sense to pursue this promo?

    eg. Bounty 6roll packs were on last week at Loblaws owned Zehrs stores in S.Ont for $4.88, as were Charmin 12-roll, and Puffs, 6pack.
    This week Bounty 6packs were on for $4.99 at Shoppers.

    The promo shows prices of $6.97 for these quantities of Bounty and Charmin; considered on sale, but approx $2 more than one would expect to pay. Given that I would need 6 of these to break $40, that is $12 more than what I would have paid this week or last. I am sure we will see $4.99 or less for these items in the future.
    So with the $10 gift card, I am still $2 in the hole (vs waiting).

    If one’s inventory on these or any of the other “Sale” items is such that you NEED it now, then the $10 promo might make sense.


  3. Can this be combined with coupons? Making the purchase price cheaper than $40? Or do you have to pay out the $40 … If so, I don’t think its a good rebate, No?

    • Tanya

      Hi Jamie,

      I’ve combined coupons with this promo in the past when it was $20 MIR for $60+ spent and it was clear on my receipt I spent less then the required amount due to coupons. I don’t have the form so I can’t say what the fine print on it is for sure, but usually using coupons with MIR’s are an at your own risk type of deal. I usually take the risk. It helps if you’re purchasing other items as well especially if the coupon amount you’re using is low and can be blended into the rest of your purchase

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