New Mail In Rebate: Buy $20 in Pepsi/Tostito’s Products & Get $20 in Coupons

$20 Pepsi MIR

Pepsico Canada is offering a mail in rebate for $20 in coupons when you spend $20 or more on the following products:

  • Lays Chips, Tostitos Chips or Ruffles Potato Chips, Any Flavor (180-420g)
  • Tostitos or Ruffles Salsa/Dips (400mL-645mL / 425g-432g)
  • Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mug, 7UP, Dr Pepper, Crush, Schweppes Soft Drinks (All Sizes & Varieties)
  • Brisk Beverages (All Flavors and Sizes)
  • Garotade and G2 Beverages (All Flavors and Sizes)

All purchases must be made in the SAME transaction before February 13th and mailed before February 29th. Limit one per household.

Download the Official Form here for more details.


Thanks, Mrs. January!

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