New Printable Coupon: $2 off OB Tampons & A Personalized Song

OB tampons

This one is definitely a first. OB is offering an I’m sorry coupon for being temporarily off the market and they’re doing so with a song!

When you fill in your name on the landing page, you’ll be treated to a 3 minute apology song with your name spewed across the screen and sung in the song itself! Extremely impressive and creative marketing. Truthfully, I liked the song. The video is neat to watch and the singer’s easy on the eyes as well. You do need to listen to the whole song to get the coupon, but if you would rather not, you can always let it load, do something else and come back to it in 3 minutes.

At the end of the song a button will pop up that says Click here for your OB coupon. There is a french and an english version!

Coupon details are:

Save $2 on any package of OB Tampons 18-20 cts, expiry Dec 20/2011

Click here to listen to the song and print your coupon!


Thanks, Canadian Daily Deals!


  1. Love it, sent it all my female co workers they loved it also. Want my husband to sing me a song now.

  2. Simply Brilliant.

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