Operation Christmas Donation 2011 – $18.78 Spent for $64 of Food

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Here’s the first shopping trip for Operation Christmas Donation 2011!

So everything is clear, I calculate the value of points/miles earned during these donation shopping trips into my overall savings. So if I earn $20 of airmiles out of $40 spent, I will consider that only $20 spent, the reason being so is that I value airmiles the same way I would value money.

I redeem all my airmiles for Shell Gas certificates at a rate of 175 airmiles per $20 certificate. Regardless of whether I use cash, credit or airmiles certificates I’ll absolutely need gas, and if it wasn’t for those certificates I would be spending cash on that gas. Therefore, airmiles = cash.

Okay now onto good stuff. I try to get a variety of foods for this yearly donation instead of simply spending $100 on 400 cans of the same soup so for our first trip we have crackers from Zellers and a kid favorite, Chef Boyardee from Safeway.

Here’s the breakdown for Zellers:

8 x Ritz Munchables $1.69- (8) $0.75 coupons from tearpads, not available anymore = $0.94 each

Subtotal: $13.52
SPC discount: $1.36
Taxes: $1.45
Coupons used: $6
Total paid: $7.61


20 x various Chef Boyardee cans $1.25 + 30 airmiles per 5 cans purchased

Subtotal: $25
Airmiles earned: 121 = $13.83 of Shell Gas
Total paid: $11.17

Operation Christmas Donation 2011:

Retail value of goods: $64
Total paid: $18.78
Budget left to spend: $81.22

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