Operation Christmas Donation 2011

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Last year, I started a personal project called Operation Christmas Donation. I spend $100 out of my own pocket and see how far I can go with that $100 by purchasing as much non-perishable food as possible by pairing great sales with coupons.

I was inspired to start Operation Christmas Donation by my DBF who takes $100 out of his pocket every holiday season to purchase toys for a donation drive held by our local radio station. He’s able to stretch that $100 by purchasing toys from a previous employer who allows him to buy at cost price for the occasion.

Last year we were able to donate everything in the photo above for the toy and food bank drive. Last year’s holiday donation was rather large because we were very fortunate to have great sales and coupons to match them with around November/December.

We donated $900 worth of non-perishable food items and paid just $100 out of pocket for them. I wish I had a photo of everything all lined up nicely but only have this one we took of all the items ready to go into the car the day of the donation drive.

This year, I plan on keeping a running tally and detailed trips of everything I purchase for Operation Christmas Donation 2011 and will likely combine everything into one big mega post when all is said and done.

There are just 23 days until this year’s donation drive and 39 days until Christmas so I’m very excited for 3 weeks of coupon shopping and deal hunting to get as much as I can for $100!


  1. This is such a wonderful idea! Congrats on helping our community and good luck with your shopping. May the sales be with you! :)

  2. every year for the 5-6 weeks before we hold a 50/50 draw at work with the proceeds going to the toy drive. I am really looking forward to your tips for maximizeing this donation

  3. Christmas is always a nerve wrecking time when it comes to choosing toys for the kids.

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