Extreme Couponing Canada Shopping: Paid $0.26 for Walmart Deals yesterday

extreme couponing canada

Stopped off at Walmart yesterday to grab some more cling wrap and pick up a muffin pan since they were on sale for $4. I also picked up a few items to take advantage of the overage that Walmart’s coupon policy allows.

Here’s the breakdown:

2 x Glad clingwrap 90m $2.48 – (2) $1 coupons from Shreddies cereal box = $1.48
Bakers secret muffin tin $4
3 x Gillette trial size shaving cream $1.27 – $5 coupon from p&g brandsaver insert = +1.19
8 x nivea lotion $1 – (8) $2 coupons from instore tearpad a few months ago = +$8

Subtotal: 20.77
Taxes: $2.49
Coupons used: $23
Total paid: $0.26


  1. I’m confused by the nivea. They were $1 and you have $1 coupon – doesn’t that equal breaking even instead of +8?

    • Tanya

      Whoops! That line is supposed to read $1 – $2 coupons. Thanks for pointing that out Joanne. :)

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering about the tearpad coupons you mention. Are they found in Walmart because I have never seen any in my store!!

    • Tanya

      Hi Tracy,

      My local Walmart has a few tearpad coupons, usually by the bread section but the tearpad coupons I mention in my shopping trips and weekly grocery roundups are all tearpad coupons found in any stores (usually, safeway, save on foods, shoppers drug mart, IGA etc for me). I’ll list if they are still currently in stores otherwise you can assume they are from previous months but are still valid.

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