Printable Coupons Canada: $5 Off Any Buckley’s, NeoCitran, Triaminic, & More!


novartis products

Remember this great $5 Novartis coupon from last year? It’s back! Save $5 off any Novartis Consumer Health product!!

Brands include: Buckleys, Neocitran, Ex Lax, Triaminic, Otrivin, Gas-X, Excedrin, Voltaren, Maalox, Thrive, Habitrol and Benefibre.

Limit 2 prints per computer

Click here to print this coupon

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  1. There are over 10 people (Friends and myself) that cannot print these coupons, we now think it’s a promotional scam by the company to get free advertising on facebook pages etc). All of us have rechecked our system requirements and all of us have the java that is required but it says it can’t find it. Total Scam.

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