Printable Coupons Canada: Kellogg’s Cereal & Special K Shakes

kelloggs websaver coupons

With the new Kellogg’s Share Your Breakfast promotion, remember to print out these websaver coupons for some extra savings on Kellogg’s cereals!

The coupons available are:

  • $2 off Kellogg’s Vector Cereal
  • $1.50 off All-Bran Cranberries and Clusters Cereal
  • $1 off Mini-Wheats Cereal
  • $1 off Mini-Wheats Centers Raspberry Cereal

There are also coupons for:

  • $2 off Special K Morning Shakes
  • $1 off Special K Crackers, bbq or southwest (mail only)

Click here for these coupons

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