Product Coupons Canada: FREE Juice Coupons on Cheerios & P&G Coupons in Always Liners

extreme couponing canada

I spotted some new product coupon offers while shopping recently. There’s a new free product coupon offer on Cheerio’s Cereals for Oasis Refrigerated juice! The max value is $4.99 and Cheerios was on sale for $2.97 so great deal!

The coupon is right inside the box and expires August 31, 2012.

Here’s the back of the box with coupon details:

extreme couponing canada

I also spotted an Always liner package with $4 worth of P& G Coupons inside:

extreme couponing canada

No details on the coupons, but they’re for Venus, Secret and Covergirl and expire January 31, 2013.

Keep an eye out for products with coupon offers on them as they can make a product really worth buying!

Click here to see our list of products currently in store that have coupon offers!


  1. I bought the always liner the coupons inside are:
    $1 off any Covergirl product exp Jan 31, 2013
    $2 off one Gillette Venus Embrace Breeze or ProSkin Razor Embrace disposable or Spa Breeze disposable exp Jan 31, 2013
    $1 off one Secret Clinical product exp Jan 31, 2013

    • Tanya

      Thank you Sarah! Updated our products with coupon offers list!

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