Red Plum Coupon Insert Preview – March 10, 2012


Here’s a preview of the Redplum insert that is scheduled for March 10/12:

For a list of newspapers that should contain the insert, click here.

For the full 2012 Red Plum schedule, click here.

$3.00 off Vileda Bee Mop
$3.00 off Vileda Fibro Contact Mop
$2.00 off Vileda Super Twist Mop
$2.00 off Vileda Oskar Broom
$0.75 off ANY Lysol all-purpose Cleaner Trigger or Dilutable
$1.00 off WUB2 Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner
$1.00 off WUB2 Lysol products (excludes wipes)
$3.00 off WUB2 Tide or Downy products
$0.50 off ANY Tide-To-Go or Tide Stain Release
$0.50 off ANY Tide Washing Machine Cleaner
$2.00 off Downy Unstoppables
$1.00 off ANY Nature’s Bounty Product
$1.00 off ANY VH Indian Market Sauce
$2.50 off WUB2 VH Indian Market Sauce

Not a bad insert this time around!

Thanks, Frugal Edmonton Mama!


  1. I would have say my favorite grocery store would be Save-On Foods. I like their specials and they put up with my coupon-ing. And I like my Save-On More points. I also like Wal-Mart. But I stop at Price Smart first to get what I can price-match from the Wal-Mart flyer, (and other flyers), because I know Wal-Mart will be sold out of a lot by the time I get there. And I get my Save-On points again! I did get a Shoppers Drug Mart credit card so I can earn more Optimum points, but I’m not always able to spend $50. or $75. to get my 20 x’s points, unfortunately. It’s not worth going broke to say you’ve saved money by earning points. Redundant.

  2. I am new to couponing, my first couponing trip was last night. Had a good saving experience at No Frills. My husband remained in the store with me and only moved two registers over when they called for the supervisor’s override. If I win these coupons he may be the one standing at the candy machine> :)

  3. I have to say the grocery store I shop at most is Colemans in Deer Lake Nl. Would love to get coupons I cannot get them in my local paper. I use coupons all the time when i can get them.

  4. I am new to couponing and am just starting to collect coupons and organize them. My favourite store to shop right now is Freshco. They have great sales and will price match.

  5. I love Superstore for bundling of products. I bought head and shoulders today for $4.97 (shapoo and Cream rinse together) I had a coupon off my Charmin toilet paper for $2.50 off with the purchase of shampoo and cream rinse. I essentilally got both for $2.97! I would have paid $4.97 for each bottle! Yeh! I also Got Lever 2000 body wash+ 8 bars of soap for $4.97 plus a $1 off coupon (all for $3.97) I bought my limit of 4….Love deals!!!!!!!!

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