Redplum coupon insert out July 2nd

extreme couponing canada

The new redplum coupon insert will be in papers this weekend. Does anyone else also find the $0.25 glade aerosol coupon kind of funny?

Buy 1 Glade sense & spray/ get a free refill
Buy a Glade Automatic room spray or Sense & Spray REFILL, get one free
Save $.25 on any Glade aerosol
$1 off Arm & Hammer plus oxy -clean detergent
$1 off Arm and Hammer laundry detergent (3.12 L or… higher)
$1 off any Sensodyne product (100ml/135ml)
$3 off WUB 2 Sensodyne product (100ml/135ml)
Save $3 on any Iams dry dog food 6.08 to 7.94kg
Save $2 on any Iams dry cat food 2.49 to 3.08kg
Save $5 any Eukanuba dry dog food 6.35 to 9.07 kg
Save $4 any Eukanuba dry cat food 3.18 to 3.63 kg
Save $2 any Eukanuba naturally wild dry dog food 1.81 kg


  1. I could not find this insert today, checked all newspapers at Mac`s. -(((( Could you tell please if you found one and which newspaper?
    Thank you.

    • Tanya

      Hi Marina,
      I was able to get one in the bundle of flyers delivered to a friend’s house (mine never come with coupon inserts). It’s odd because the newspapers at the closest grocery stores to me like safeway and shoppers do not come with inserts, but the corner store near my house usually has inserts in their papers. I’m not sure why some do and some don’t, but most people in my area (BC) seem to have better luck looking for inserts at smaller grocery stores.

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