Redplum Coupon Insert Preview – March 9, 2013


There’s going to be a Redplum insert in newspapers this weekend! Keep an eye out and note that some areas may get the insert a bit earlier or later.

For a list of newspapers that should contain the insert, click here.

For the full 2013 Red Plum schedule, click here.

The coupons included in this issue are:

$3 off a Vileda Bee Mop (Expiry: May 30/13)
$3 off a Vileda Fibro Contact Mop (Expiry: May 30/13)
$2 off a Vileda Super Twist Mop (Expiry: May 30/13)
$2 off a Vileda Oskar Broom (Expiry: May 30/13)
Buy one Clear, Tresemme and Dove Hair Care, get the second half off ($4.50 Max Discount) (Expiry: December 31/13)
$2 off Weetabix or Alpen Cereal (Expiry: July 31/13)
Buy 3 Weetabix, Alpen, or Grain Shop Cereals and get one free (Expiry: July 31/13)
$2 off Natural Defense dog food (Expiry: Aug 1/13)
$2 off when you buy 2 Dove Bar Packs (4x90g) (Expiry: May 31/13)


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