Redplum Coupon Insert Preview – October 6, 2012


There’s going to be a Redplum insert in newspapers this weekend! The $2 Alberto coupon could make for some free hair products with a good sale!

For a list of newspapers that should contain the insert, click here.

For the full 2012 Red Plum schedule, click here.

$2 off Whiskas Dry Cat Food  (Expiry: Mar 31/13)
Buy one get one free Pedigree Care & Treats (Expiry: Mar 31/13)
$1 off a Vileda Scrub & Go or Scrunge product (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$3 off when you buy 2 Vileda Scrub & Go or Scrunge products (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off any Nature’s Bounty product (Expiry: Mar 31/13)
$3 off any Osteo Bi-Flex (Expiry: Mar 31/13)
$4 off any Nutro Natural Choice Dry Dog Food (Expiry: Nov 17/12)
$2 off Van Houtte coffee 225g and up, excluding K-Cups (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off a Disney Gummies Product (Expiry: June 30/13)
Buy one get one free Herbal Essence, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Aussie hair care products (Expiry: Nov 30/12)
$2 off any Alberto European product (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$.75 off  any pre-packaged Maple Lodge Farms Chicken Deli (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$1 off any 2 packages of Voortman No Sugar Added Cookies (Expiry: Jan 31/13)
$3 off Zak’s Original Darkspot Cream (redeem at Rexall and SDM) (Expiry: Jan 20/13)
$2 off  Zak’s Original Bruise or Heelspur Cream (redeem at Rexall and SDM) (Expiry: Jan 20/13)
$3 off Sinus Rinse or NasaFlo (Expiry: Dec 8/12)
$5 off Sinugator (Expiry: Dec 8/12)
$2.50 off NasoGel tube or spray (Expiry: Dec 8/12)
$2 off Estroven (Expiry: Apr 30/13)

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