Redplum Coupon Insert Preview – Out This Weekend January 14/12


There’s a new redplum insert scheduled for this weekend. It’s supposed to come out January 14th but depending on area may be a little early or late.

For a list of newspapers that should have inserts in them, click here.

$1 off WUB 1 Scrunge , Expires March 31, 2012
$3 off WUB2 Scrunge, Expires  March 31, 2012
$1 off WUB 2 Bluewater, Expires March 31, 2012
$1 off Nature’s bounty, Expires April 30, 2012
$2 off Natures Bounty Co Q-10 supplement, Expires April 30, 2012


  1. When you say late. do you mean the following weekend, cause im in calgary and i check on both sat 14 and sun 15 and they were not there,

    • Tanya

      All inserts should have been out this weekend Amber. I received mine on the 14th here in BC. Did you check in papers the insert usually comes in?

      • yes I did. I went both sat and Sunday and check all 3 paper’s that it could be in. Also I had others looking for them as well and they couldn’t find them either. I love that there is a list of the dates they come out but i have only been able to find the smart source and pg book in the paper.

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