Extreme Couponing Canada Safeway Coupon/Airmiles Shopping trip with 80% savings – Aug 24/11

extreme couponing canada

I wasn’t planning on a full shopping trip today, just to pick up the Nivea that was near free after airmiles, but I noticed my favorite scent of febreze luminaire’s was on sale for $3.99 and have an instore special of buy 4 get 1 free. Considering that the P&G coupons are no longer stackable as per their new wording, we have to work with what we have now! Although it’s not free, extremely cheap is good enough for me! I also picked up another No touch dispenser to bring the total up.

I was aiming to spend over the $50 mark so I could use my $5 off any purchase of $50 or more from the entertainment book. Purex is on sale for $4 which is not the lowest price points as they’ve gone down to $3 before and even $2 for the sheets (WM sale this week!) however, these bottles are a bonus size and since I needed to spend the $50, I might as well spend it on items I actually need.

So the breakdown for this trip:

3 x Purex laundry detergent $4 – (3) $3 coupons from sample = $1 each
10 x Febreze luminaire refills $3.99 – 2 FREE instore special, (2) $4 coupons and (2) $2 coupons  from brandsaver = $21.92
Lysol no touch hand soap dispenser $9.99 – MIR (includes tax) = FREE
Astro biobest yogurt $3.49 (clearout) – $1 from websaver = $2.49 (not pictured, put in fridge right away!)
6 x Nivea creme hand soap $3.03 = $18.18 + 50 airmiles WUB 2

Subtotal: $77.58
Taxes: $8.65
Coupons used: $29.00
Total paid: $57.23 – $11.19 from MIR – $17.37 worth of airmiles using Shell gas certificate conversion = $28.67

Not counting tax, because that would have been spent on these items regardless, the total for these items was  $20.02 for a $77.58 value after sales. Before sales these items would have cost over $100.

80% savings and great smelling hands, clothes and house! Not a bad spur of the moment Extreme Couponing Canada shopping trip.

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