Safeway Email Direct Coupons for March 9 – March 15, 2012 – 3 Dozen Eggs for $3.99 & More!

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Here are this week’s Safeway email direct coupons which include an AMAZING egg coupon that was featured a few month`s ago on Safeway’s Facebook page. Get 3 dozen eggs for $3.99. This coupon was extremely popular the last time and I`m sure will be extremely popular this time too, so stock up this week.

The coupons available are:

  • Buy 2 Nature`s Blend Bags, earn 20 airmiles
  • Buy 3 Dozen Large Lucerne Eggs for $3.99
  • 50% off Olay Skin Care
  • $10.99 for Eating Right Chicken Breasts
  • $7 for Signature Cafe Family Size Pizza
  • $2 off Zola Acai

Click here to print these coupons

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  1. LOVE cheap eggs!!! Thanks!

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