Salvation Army Thrift Store Boxing Day Specials: 50% Off All Clothing (26 & 27)

salvation army

Don’t limit your boxing day shopping to the mall!

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big box stores, check out the Salvation Army thrift store on December 26 or 27th, all clothing is 50% off!


  1. I from Bathurst , I would like to know when is the next 50% off sale is and please send email on all the 50% sale from now on so we can plan our trips around those dates given thank you so much

  2. >EllieKat, I have never paid for a gift card. That would kind of defeat the pourpse. I have done several promotions where I have earned gift cards and I will use those to roll onto a deal where I earn RR or catalinas and can put those RR or catalinas on gift cards. Check the tabs menu on the side for a few examples of where I get gift cards. I will also do rebates at Walgreens for example. I choose to get the rebate back in the form of a Walgreens gift card, so therefore am making 10% minimum profit off those purchases, even more if I use coupons.With the Walgreens gift cards, I can use them to purchase gift cards for other places or even other RR promoting deals to keep the cycle going. Most of the gift cards never expire and don’t lose any credit on them. The only ones I can think of that had an expiration on them was the $400 Visa gift card I earned from the Walgreens Spa Rewards deal.

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