Save on Foods Coupons Canada: $1 Off Wonder Sandwich Bread Until Mar 28/12

extreme couponing canada

Apologies for the confusion with the previous post matching this deal with the 2/$4 flyer sale that does not include sandwich bread, but their regular white bread only. Those who were able to get the $1 loaf deal had their locations manually input the coupon, making it a your mileage may vary deal.

Save on Foods has a printable coupon available for $1 off Wonder Sandwich Bread!

Click here to print the $1 off Wonder Coupon!



  1. Hi, Tanya. I shop at the Metrotown Save-On, and I was told we cannot use stack coupons. Which Save-On do you go to? I also heard from a London Drugs cashier last night, that they will be changing their coupon stacking policy. No more, says she….

    • Tanya

      Hi Leslie,

      I used to go to the one on Cambie but that one has tightened up on coupon use so I’ve been shopping at the Metrotown one as well. I stacked there just last week and have never had a problem at that location, how odd! Were you told by customer service?

      Oh no, London Drugs has been cracking down on stacking for quite some time. It’s been ages since I stacked there to avoid the trouble.

  2. Hi, Tanya. Thanks for your reply. I was told by a cashier that I cannot. But I will try, try again!! :>)

  3. Hi Tanya:

    I also went to the Metrotown Save-On today. I brought up 2 loaves of Wonder 100% whole wheat bread, but the coupons were not scanning. They coupons are only good for the “Sandwich” bread which is NOT on sale. I believe the cashier I had would have allowed me to stack the coupons, but I did not buy the bread since it wasn’t on sale. :(

  4. I just came from SOF. I was able to get my bread for $1.25. Like the above post pointed out, the ad is for the Wonder+, as was the insert coupon from a couple of months ago, but the SOF store coupon is for the Wonder Sandwich bread, which is almost $4 a loaf.

  5. Tanya

    Sorry for the confusion everyone. I had thought the sale included the Sandwich bread as well and wasn’t aware of the huge price difference! The post has been changed to reflect this.

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