Scene Holiday Offer: Earn 2x Scene Points on a Scene Bon Appetit Gift Card

Scene Bon appetit

For a limited time, earn 2X SCENE points on a SCENE Bon Appétit Gift Card!

Buy and register SCENE Bon Appétit Gift Cards from December 14 – 30, 2011 and you’ll get 6 SCENE points for every $1 you spend. So for a $50 gift card, get 300 scene points!

Bon appetite gift cards can be used at Swiss Chalet, Montana’s Cookhouse, Kelsey’s, Harvey’s and Milestones Grill + Bar.

Make sure you select the SCENE Bon Appétit card, as this is the only card that qualifies for the 2X SCENE point offer.

Click here to order a Bon Appetit Gift card.

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