Extreme Couponing Canada at SDM, Shopping Deals x 2- Sept 20/11

extreme couponing canada

Stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart this morning to take advantage of the 18,500 points when you spend $75+ promotion. I was also planning on picking up some advil nighttime for the bonus points but my SDM was all sold out.

I did happen to find a great in store deal though. The bonus size bottles of Pantene shampoo were only $2.99 and since P&G coupons are no longer stackable, I jumped on this great price. Also stopped by Superstore after to pick up some onions and noticed they had manufacturer coupons for Pantene for $1 off, so I picked up some of those and headed back to Shoppers Drug Mart for another transaction.

Breakdown for shop #1

10 x Pantene bonus size shampoo/conditioner $2.99 – (2) $2.50 coupons from brandsaver flyer and (8) $1 coupons from tearpads = $1.74/$1.99 each
4 x Febreze luminary refills $2.99 clearance – $4 WUB 3 and $1 coupons from brandsaver = $1.74 each
4 x Aspirin regular strength $5.99 – (4) $6 coupons, printable = +$0.04
2 x Aspirin extra strength $5.99 – (2) $6 coupons, printable = +$0.02

Subtotal: $77.80
Taxes: $9.34
Coupons used: $52.00
Total paid: $35.14 +19270 SDM points earned!

extreme couponing canada

Breakdown for shop #2

13 x Pantene bonus sized shampoo/conditioner $2.99 – (1) $2.50 coupon from brandsaver and (11) $1 coupons from tearpad
4 x Aspirin $5.99 – (4) $6 coupons, printable = +$0.04
1 x Lysol no touch handsoap dispenser $14.99 – MIR = FREE

Subtotal: $77.82
Taxes: $9.34
Coupons used: $37.50
Total paid: $49.66 – $16.78 for MIR = $32.88 + 19270 SDM points!

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

Spent $68.02 in total for $155.62 worth of products and got 38,540 SDM points worth $81 on a bonus redemption day like the one happening this weekend!
Coupon savings based on sale prices = 54%
Savings based on regular prices = 70%
Savings based on SDM points = 119%!  About $13 earned!


  1. Lucky for you. Now, no one else can get any because you took all the tear away pads. They call that hoarding when you buy more than you can use.

    • Tanya

      Please refer to my coupons FAQ’s, specifically these questions “How do you get multiples of coupons?” and “Do you really need all the items you buy?”

      I did not take away all the tear pads, nor am I hoarding.

  2. That’s awesome! I’m still wondering how people are getting more than one MIR since it says one per household because I’m pretty sure I have seen you buy it a few times now.

    • Tanya


      You can actually do one MIR per period :) There have been I believe, 6 or 7 different MIR’s in coupon inserts in the past few months. All have different purchase and deadline periods so you’re allowed to do one of each per household. I also send my MIR’s to 2 households, so I’ve been able to do quite a few. They include tax and postage so they’re a great way to get to the minimum spending points when there are promos like these.

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