Extreme Couponing Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart 20x points + Surprise gift card shop

extreme couponing canada

I was very excited about the exclusive 20x points event today since I wasn’t able to get all the paper towels I had planned to on Saturday. The 2nd store I went to did not carry this size and type. Luckily my usual store had tons in stock today.

I found some new dove coupons today that I made use of right away and purchased my last Lysol No Touch Kit (Down to last form between 2 households). I also found some some great clearance deals on the Tresemme styling products!

Here are the details from the shopping trip:

Lysol No touch dispenser $15.99 + $1 enviro fee – $14.99 MIR from previous coupon insert (includes tax and postage) = $2
6 x Dove shampoo/conditioner $2.99 – (6) $2 coupons from nourishing oil booklets, in stores NOW! = $0.99 each
3 x Degree deodorant $1.79 – (1) $1 coupon from previous coupon insert and (2) $0.50 coupons from tearpads, in stores NOW! = $$0.79/$1.29 + 3000 bonus points WUB 3
6 x Tresemme styling products $1.50 clearance – (6) $1 coupons from tearpads, not available anymore = $0.50 each
3 x Breathe right strips $5 – (3) $2 coupons from tearpads, not available anymore = $3 each
8 x Scott paper towels $2.99 – (4) $2 printable coupons and (4) $1 coupons from in store rep, not available anymore = $0.99/$1.99 + 1000 bonus points each

Subtotal: $88.22
Taxes: $10.59
Coupons used: $38
Total paid: $60.81 – $16.78 from MIR = $44.03
Shoppers optimum points earned: 28,600 worth $60.21 on a bonus redemption day + received $10 gift card for spending over $50

Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown:

62% coupon + MIR savings based on sale prices
76% savings based on regular prices
136% savings based on optimum points + $10 gift card for future purchase


  1. Hiya!
    Great website! It is so useful for me and my new(ish) couponing adventures.
    I was hoping you could explain the 20x the points thing at SDM. I thought I would get 20x all of the points (like, 2000 points WUB two aveeno, etc), but only regular points showed up on my receipt (like, 780) and then the 10000 bonus points. I checked online and the 20x the points said that for regular $50 purchase you would get 500 points, but with the 20x, you’ll get 10000. So I don’t get those aveeno or degree points?
    Sorry, I’m confused about this.. can you explain it?

    • Tanya

      Hi Joy, what Kristi said below is correct. The 20x points will show up by Oct 20 so the points you received immediately were the base points and bonus points on the products you purchased. If you total was $78, you’ll recieve 15,600 in a few days :)

  2. The Optimum points are not awarded immediately when it is a special email event. The points should be added to your card by October 20th.

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