Extreme Couponing Canada SDM 20x the points shopping trip, $36 spent, $40 in points gained

extreme couponing canada

I was quite excited about today’s Extreme Couponing Canada shopping trip! Great sales at Shoppers + a 20x the points day! The original plan was to spend about $60 out of pocket and get $60 worth of points, but I had the date wrong for one of the beauty bonuses and ended up not picking something up. I did find a good febreze clearance deal though!

Here’s today’s breakdown:

4 x Royale Toilet paper $5.88 – (4) $1 coupons from gocoupons.ca = $4.88 each  (for a friend, will be paid back)
3 x Purex laundry detergent $2.99 – (3) $3 coupons from sample mailout = FREE + $0.03
5 x Mulibionta vitamins $6.99 – (5) $10 coupons from previous insert adjusted to $6.99 = FREE
2 x Coca cola branded 12 pack drinks – 2/$7 – BOGO free coupon from icoke.ca = $3.50 for 2
3 x 2kg sugar $1.99, no coupon but great price
2 x dozen eggs $2.19, no coupon but good price
6 x Febreze luminary refills $2.99 (clearance) – (2) $4 WUB 3 coupons = ~ $1.66 each

Subtotal: $104.4
Taxes: $11.14
Coupons used: $59.45
Total paid: $56.09 – $20 back for toilet paper + 19090 SDM points earned (worth $40)

So the real total out of pocket was $36.06 including the $11.14 of taxes and I earned $40 of SDM points today! About $4 made!

Coupon savings of 57% based on great sale  prices
Coupon and sale savings of 75% based on regular prices
111% savings based on points value earned.

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  1. You did awesome! My SDM had lots of stuff in stock, so I was able to get a lot of great deals as well. :D

  2. I went to Shoppers today to pick up the Purex laundry detergent with the $3 coupon and the clerk insisted I pay the tax ($0.36). Is that common?

    • Tanya

      Thanks Cassie! I stopped by your site earlier because I figured you did a 20x points shop as well lol but you hadn’t posted yet. I think I was too eager to see your deals!

      Mike: Yes it is common to have to pay the sales taxes on dollar off coupons. Some FPC’s state that tax is included but this isn’t the case for most regular coupons

    • Where do you find the coupons for the purex? I am just starting out on this journey

      • Tanya

        Hi Shirley,

        The purex coupons were from a sample mailout offered on their webpage about a month ago. Unfortunately it’s no longer available.

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