Extreme Couponing Canada: Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption! Sept 24/11

extreme couponing canada

I knew I would be doing a bonus redemption for sure this time around since there were a number of things that caught my eye this flyer so I wrote out two lists, one for about $100 and one that I could only get up to $140 and since nothing really caught my eye in store to fill up the additional $60 I stuck to the 50,000 points for $100 level.

For anyone wondering what a Shoppers Drug Mart bonus redemption is,  it’s a promo where your SDM points are worth more than they would normally be when you redeem. If you redeem 50,000 points this weekend you’ll get $100 of merchandise instead of $85, and if you redeem 95,000 points you’ll get $200 worth instead of $170.

In the flyer, the Sensodyne is advertised as a bonus size of 130 mL so I was really hoping my store would have lots since it’s on for a great price, but I was even more thrilled when the Reactine I planned on purchasing turned out to be a bonus size with 30 + 10 additional tablets! Completely unexpected but excellent surprise!

Here’s the breakdown:

6 x Sensodyne toothpaste bonus size 130 mL $3.88 – (3) Buy 2 save $3 coupons from previous insert= $2.38 each
3 x Peek Freans Lifestyle cookies $1.79 – BOGO coupon from facebook promo + $0.50 coupon from rep = $1.03 each
4 x Reactine bonus packs 30+10 $15.99- (4) $2 coupons from save.ca + sample mailout = $13.99 each
2 x Cavendish sweet potato fries 2/$5 – (2) $1 coupons from gocoupons.ca = $1.50 each
4 x Life brand trail mix 2/$2.49= $4.98
2 x Werthers chocolate crunch (SO good!) $2.99 = $5.98
1 x Nativa Organic honey $4.99
2 x Simply frozen corn $1.99 = $3.98
1 x Breyers smooth & dreamy bars $3.99

Subtotal: $121.53
Taxes: $12.26
Coupons used: $21.29 + $100 point redemption
Total paid: $12.50 + earned 400 SDM points for the trail mix

No Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown for this trip since I usually calculate the points into savings for other Shoppers Drug Mart shopping trips, but there have been a lot of money makers so I estimate it cost me less then the $100 the points are worth to accumulate this many to redeem. This was done through the use of coupons and points promotions in store and on products!

Very happy with how this shopping trip turned out. If you’re not a Shoppers Optimum program member, I highly suggest you sign up! It’s my favorite loyalty program!


  1. Those werthers chocolates are one of my favorite treats! Looks like you did well on your redemption

  2. I “spent” about $150 dollars, received $24 in in-store savings, used $10 in vendor coupons and got my $100 points rebate so I only paid $25!! This was one of my best extreme couponing trips – thanks for the advice and resources!!

    • Tanya

      That’s wonderful Catherine! What did you end up getting?

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