Shoppers Drug Mart Coupon Policy

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Shoppers Drug Mart has posted a detailed Coupon Policy on their Facebook page.

All guidelines are generally the same as their previous policy except there is one notable change written in:

For promotional events (e.g. where a customer would need to spend $50 to receive a reward), the following instances are automatically programmed in ePOS:

  • If a vendor coupon was used (PLU 2001/PLU 2002), its value will count towards the promotion total meaning the value of the coupons will be included in the event purchase threshold

Although this is great news for those who regularly shop promotion events with coupons, I’m weary at the acceptance of this new clause as free product coupons PLU 2002 have never counted toward the threshold in the past and most cashiers will tell you any coupons do not count towards your purchase total.

Nevertheless, I will be giving it a try with the new coupon policy in mind.

As with any store that you regularly shop at, it’s a great idea to print out the coupon policy to keep on hand in case you run into any issues when using coupons.

Click here to view the full Shoppers Drug Mart policy


  1. Hi Tanya!

    I shop regularly at shoppers with coupons and take advantage of the points promtions. I usually have the plu 2001 coupons and they count toward my purchase total but the other day I used a plu 2002 coupon that did not count leaving me 20 cents shy of receiving 18,500 points. I didn’t realise that I didn’t get them til I left the store. I looked on your website and you had just posted the updated policy so I printed a copy. I went back to shoppers and explained it to the cashier and they credited my account with the 18,500 points. I was really impressed at how easy it was. I think that it’s always best to have coupon policies with you when you go to any store you plan to coupon at because not all the cashiers are aware of their own stores policies. Thanks for having all the awesome info on your website. I love it and am a daily visitor.

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