Shopper’s Voice Consumer Survey for 2012 – Get Money Saving Coupons!

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The Shoppers Voice Consumer Survey is now available for 2012. You might have heard about Shopper’s Voice before. They’re a consumer research center that offers consumer surveys online a few times a year and also mails a survey to your home once a year.

Normally I wouldn’t participate in these types of surveys as they can be rather lengthy, but Shoppers Voice is one that I always take the time to do because I’ve found the reward to be worth it! I completed my first Shoppers Voice survey last year when I received it in the mail and about 6 weeks after I received an envelope jam packed with great high value coupons and even some mail in rebates! I believe these coupons are catered to you based on the responses you give in the survey. The webpage does say you’ll receive exclusive rewards like free samples, money-saving coupons and special offers tailor-made for you but I didn’t receive any free samples last year.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to do in my experience and asks questions about the types of products you use, brand and frequency. All the information is there and you just need to check it off.

You’ll also be entered into their sweepstakes to win $5,000 cash. If you received the survey in the mail there’s an early bird bonus sweepstakes of $2500 if you send in your survey before February 21st!

Click here to check out the Shoppers Voice Survey


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  2. I did the survey last time – got nothing, not even the password they promised. Did it again this time, so far no password either (both times online). Have emailed them, so far no response. :( Any advice.

    • Tanya

      What is the password they promise for Jodie? I’ve always done the mail in version so I’m not too familiar with the online survey but I assumed it would be in the same format. I would definitely email them again until they respond!

  3. I did this last time and got the BEST COUPONS!! 2 FPC’s and a bunch of BOGO’s for Arctic Garden veggies, my favorite, plus a whole whack of other coupons….felt like xmas ahaha

    Last year they sent a razor and always pad with my coupons so samples do come but just not every time.

  4. I received the survey in the mail, and have completed several online just so I get quadruple the coupons. So far nothing yet, but I only filled out the survey a few days ago and you get them approximately 12 weeks later. Worth your time. Fill the survey out!

  5. How often can you do this? I recieved a survey by regular mail at the end of the year last year and I know you can do them online as well. Can you do them both and get double the coupons?

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