Extreme Couponing Canada shopping trip: Cheap drinks and cheap pizza to come!

extreme couponing canada

Stopped by a local grocery store today and they just happened to have Flavur drinks on sale for $0.99! Luckily, I had all my coupons with me and was able to score 10 bottles for $0.24 each. I’ve always wanted to try these as they look delicious with exotic flavors like guava and dragonfruit. I also picked up some Nestea since I haven’t seen the berry flavor with the $10 in delissio coupons yet!

The breakdown:

10 x Flavur drinks $0.99 – (10) $0.75 coupons (from gocoupons.ca, out of stock unfortunately) = $0.24 each

Nestea wild berry powder $5.99 – FPC from rubbermaid pitcher = FREE + $10 in delissio coupons on the label

Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown:

Subtotal: $15.89
Taxes, recycling fees and deposits: $1.82
Coupons used: $13.49
Total paid: $4.22
76% savings on drinks today, not bad to have something fruity to sip on while lounging in the sun this month!

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  1. Do you just do separate orders for each individual drink?

    • Tanya

      No Holly, I was very pleased that these coupons actually specified “one coupon per product”, so no issues with using multiples! :)

  2. How did you manage to get 10 GoCoupons.ca coupons?

  3. Which store did you buy these from?

  4. Tanya

    Rob: After many many months of collecting! Gocoupons.ca allows you to order once a week.

    Mela: Killarney Market in Vancouver!

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