SPC Card: Pre-Order For 2012-2013 & Get A $10 Shopping Card

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The new 2012-2013 Student Price Cards are available for pre-order!

With every SPC Card order you’ll receive your choice of a free $10 shopping card.

Choices are:

$10 off a Bench purchase of $60+(Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$10 off a Bluenotes purchase of $50+ (Expiry: Dec 25/12)
$10 off a Jean Machine purchase of $30+ (Expiry: Jan 31/13)
$10 off a Suzy Shier purchase of $50+
$10 off a Danier purchase of $50+ (Expiry: Dec 24/12)
$10 off a Bath and Body Works purchase of $30+ (Expiry: Dec 31/12)
$10 off a Body Shop purchase of $20+  (Expiry: Dec 24/12)
$10 off a Boston Pizza purchase of $30+  (Expiry Dec 31/12 Ontario only)
$10 off a Nandos purchase of $30+ (Expiry: Dec 31/12)

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  1. Hey Janet,I too used to love looking at cutelogaas and have fond memories of Consumers Distrbuting. I still get very excited when the new Ikea catalogue arrives. I make a point of sitting down with a nice cup of tea and reading it from cover to cover. I also keep one or two current Sears cutelogaas. I don’t pick them up, but they do still sometimes drop them off at my house.I am all for saving trees, but there are some things that will just never be the same in digital format. I like to read books (a lot of them) and I don’t like sitting at the computer to do that. A book or newspaper is portable, and let’s face it it’s nice to unplug to enjoy some down time. I have eliminated all magazine subscriptions and visit the library on a regular basis now. That way I still get to read what I enjoy, but the library gets to house all the clutter . LOL

  2. I agree with you Janet. There is so much stuff on-line you really don’t need maenaizgs. All you need to do is set up a wireless network in your house. Just be careful you don’t drop your laptop in the toilet (Where else do you read the Reader’s Digest?)

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