Extreme Couponing Canada Deals at Zellers and Shoppers Drug Mart Redemption, Paid $5.29 After Coupons and Points

extreme couponing canada

I started off the day at Zellers to grab some deals on snacks and take advantage of the $10 off $50+ Facebook coupon that was valid over the weekend.

The stouffers pictured was not actually purchased during this trip, I bought 2 bags stouffers sautee sensations but DBF and I had them for dinner before I headed on home and took this photo so I added the two boxes of stouffers bistro for visual effect :p

Zellers Breakdown:

Riceworks sweet chili $1.99 – $1 printable facebook coupon, found here = $0.99
2 x Stouffers sautee sensations $7.99 – (2) FPC’s from previous stouffers promo = FREE
3 x Thinsations $1.99- (3) $0.75 coupons from save.ca = $1.24
Fleecy fabric softener 90 loads $5.99- $0.75 coupon from smartsource.ca = $5.24
2 x Listerine whitening mouthwash $5.49 – (2) $5 printable coupons, found here = $0.49 (note, coupons says one per person but since there were 2 of us cashier allowed both on one transaction)
Airwick freshmatic $16.99 – full price MIR from trade =FREE

Subtotal: $57.90
Taxes: $4.37
SPC discount: $5.80
Coupons used: $10 zellers facebook coupon + $29.98
Total paid: $16.49 – $16.99 back from MIR = $0.50 MADE
HBC points earned: 32600 worth just over $4

Extreme Couponing Canada Breakdown:

79% coupon/SPC savings
107% MIR, HBC points, coupon & SPC savings

Now onto the Shoppers bonus redemption. Not everything I wanted was in stock, I had to improvise a little. Only 2 coupons in this trip, I decided to stock up on some sale and grocery items instead. Most of my bonus redemptions don’t involve a lot of coupon use because I save my redemptions for items I hardly have coupons for!

extreme couponing canada

Shoppers Drug Mart bonus redemption breakdown:

Handsfree bluetooth car kit $34.99
4 x Simply shrimp $4.99
2 x Sugar $1.99
Vicks inhaler $6.49
6 x Colgate toothbrushes $0.99
4 x Alcan foil $0.99
2 x Dozen eggs $2.49
2 x Life brand peanuts
Kraft peanut butter
4 x Nice n Easy Root touch up $4.99 – (2) $3 WUB 2 coupons from previous brandsaver insert = $3.49 each


Extreme Couponing Canada breakdown:

Subtotal: $106.75
Taxes: $9.04
Coupons used: $6
Shoppers Drug Mart points redeemed: 50,000 = $100
Total paid: $9.79


  1. How did you get the thinsations for FREE? weren’t they 1.99 @zellers this week? let me in on your secret:)

    • Tanya

      I still paid $1.24 for the thinsations after coupon Orpio, but I used the $10 off when you spend $50 or more and paired it with other coupons and a MIR to make my total free after that mail in rebate comes back :)

    • Tanya

      Whoops, realized I made a mistake in the write-up. It wasn’t meant to read free! Sorry for any misunderstanding

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